+The Collection



+The Collection is a space for research, where visitors are offered the opportunity to look behind the scenes and learn about the inner workings of a museum. We go back to the core of the museum, exploring the collection by expanding the collection storage into the exhibition space. During each occasion, works from the collection are exhibited, while the works are being catalogued, inspected and researched. The + sign stands for additions, evoking that which is to come. +The Collection underlines the importance of collections in the work of a museum, and the potential for combining research with exhibiting artworks from the collection.


This summer the museum will be working on a project to improve the registration system for the +The Collection. The project’s objective is to coordinate the registration of each item to both monitor and support further research on each of the works from the collection. Currently all works by Gerður Helgadóttir (1928-1975) have now been made public on the registration site Sarpur. The main focus of this summer’s project is to improve the registration of the works by transferring additional information from the previous registration system and by photographing and evaluating the works.


The collection of Gerðarsafn Kópavogur Art Museum comprises about 4,250 works of art. 1,400 of those works are Gerður Helgadóttir’s, 300 are both Barbara Árnason’s and Magnús Á. Árnason’s, and 1,640 are Valgerður Briem’s, most being predominantly drawings. About another 650 pieces have been purchased by the museum, or donated. +The Collection is a long-term project, whose objective is to create a forum for insight into the treasures of the collection and to satisfy the curiosity of Gerðasafn’s diverse visitors.