+The Collection

Gerðarsafn's collection currently holds approximately 4,250 items. The 1,400 works by Gerður Helgadóttir donated by her heirs in 1977 were joined in 1983 by approximately 300 pieces by spouses Barbara and Magnús Á. Árnason, donated by their memorial fund. Since the museum opened, 160 additional works by Barbara and Magnús have been donated by institutions and individuals and the museum has bought tapestries, watercolours, a large wooden wall work, prints and drawings by Barbara. In 2009, the children of Valgerður Briem donated 1640 pieces, mostly drawings, by their mother to the museum. Works that have either been bought by the Arts and Culture Committee or donated by individuals now number approximately 650.

+The Collection is a space for research, where visitors are offered the opportunity to look behind the scenes and learn about the inner workings of a museum. We go back to the core of the museum, exploring the collection in such a way that the collection storage expands out into the exhibition space. On each occasion works from the collection are brought out to be exhibited, while work goes on, in full view, on cataloguing, inspection, research and education.