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Guided Talk I Ordinary Places


Given an insight into the exhibition Ordinary Places in Gerðarsafn. All are welcome while space allows and entry is free.


The exhibition displays Ívars Brynjólfsson’s photographs in conversation with the works of Emma Heiðarsdóttir, Haraldar Jónsson, Joe Keys, Kristínar Sigurðardóttir, Lukas Kindermann, Ragnheiðar Gestsdóttir and Tine Bek. The artists of the exhibition have one thing in common: they pay the utmost attention to certain things, distort everyday life by flattening it or transforming it in other ways. During the exhibition, a conversation develops between Ívar’s series of pictures from 1991-2023 with sculptures, video works, photographic works and installations that also spring from the human being’s perception of his environment.

The exhibition opens in two phases, but between the rooms the subject matter and the approach of the exhibition’s artists develop and change.

Ordinary Places opens in the west hall of Gerðarsafn on January 13th, where the perspective of photography is explored with works that refer to placelessness, everydayness and its distortion.

Ordinary Pictures opens in the east hall of Gerðarsafn on February 10th, where the photography technique itself will be explored with references to the nature of the medium and the relationship between photography and science as well as natural phenomena.

The guided talk will take place in Icelandic.

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