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Ordinary Places

Elliheimili - Ívar Brynjólfsson


Ívar Brynjólfsson
Emma Heiðarsdóttir
Haraldur Jónsson
Joe Keys
Tine Bek


Brynja Sveinsdóttir og Hallgerður Hallgrímsdóttir

The photograph is a powerful phenomenon. So incredibly flat, only dots on a sheet or a screen. Stuck in the second dimension, where both its magic and limitations lie. Yet it evokes a feeling of space and material. We perceive the image, believe in it, even if its truth can only be found in the mind of the viewer. 

The origin of this exhibition lies in the photograph which is explored through works in other media. As if the photo has reached too far out of the flatness and transformed into something else.

Here, Ívar Brynjólfsson’s photos are engaged in a dialogue with the works of Emma Heiðarsdóttir, Haraldur Jónsson, Joe Keys and Tine Bek: art which emanates from their perception of our surroundings. These artists all pay close attention to the everyday and they twist its reality, often simply by pointing at it. The works are a testament to the everyday that the artist have chipped away small pieces from and filled their pockets so they can present their
treasures to us.

The second phase of the exhibition entitled Ordinary Pictures will open on 10th February where works by Ívar Brynjólfsson, Kristín Sigurðardóttir, Lukas Kindermann, Ragnheiður Gestsdóttir and Tine Bek will be exhibited.  

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