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Conversation with Sculpture/Sculpture


The music group Skerpla will perform at an afternoon concert in Gerðarsafn, where they will create a soundscape and response to works in the joint exhibition Sculpture/Sculpture. Skerpla, who works within the Iceland Academy of the Arts, creates and performs music of an experimental nature with the aim of expanding traditional ideas about music. The group has performed at a number of concerts and festivals, including Sequences, Myrka músíkdagi, Design March and Hljóðön in Hafnarborg. The group’s artistic director is Berglind María Tómasdóttir. Skerpla’s three concerts are planned in connection with the exhibition in Gerðarsafn; on Wednesdays October 18, November 15 and December 5. The concert starts at 5 pm and lasts 30 – 40 minutes.

Skerpla is commanded by Aiden Dumitra, Baldur Snær Bachmann. Diana Burkot, Egill Ásdísarson, Eydís Egilsdóttir Kvaran, Eyrún Úa Þorbjörnsdóttir, Karolis Dabulskis, Konrad Stanislaw Groen, Konstantine Vlasis, Kristrún Steingrímsdóttir, Lidong Lin, Michael Richardt Petersen and Ólöf Sigríður Valsdóttir. The exhibition Sculpture/Sculpture is a joint exhibition of ten different artists that focuses on sculpture and its different manifestations in contemporary art.

The ten artists come from different backgrounds, but all have left their mark on Icelandic contemporary art in one way or another. The limits of the medium are tested here – in terms of size, technology, space, attitude and our role as a viewer, but the artists of the exhibition are Andreas Brunner. Anna Líndal, Claire Paugam. Elísabet Brynhildardóttir, Eygló Harðardóttir, Geirthrúður Finnbogadóttir Hjörvar, Ingrid Ogenstedt, Ívar Glói Gunnarsson Breiðfjörður, Martha Haywood and Raimonda Sereikaité. Curators are Brynja Sveinsdóttir and Cecilie Gaidhede. The concert is free for LHÍ students. A ticket to the exhibition is valid otherwise, but the general ticket price is 1200 ISK and 600 ISK for the elderly. Free for children and young people under the age of 18, the disabled and members of SÍM, ICOM and FÍSOS upon presentation of a certificate.

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